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Free Shipping Worldwide | 365 Days Money Back Guarantee
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About us

Dogs are a pivotal part of the family and an overwhelming majority of the people tend to love their dogs as their family member. Keeping that aspect under consideration, we have an aim to help you glorify your passion and provide for the care of your dogs in the most elegant way. CareYourDog offers you the most realistic and exemplary shopping experience. We make it certain that the kinds of products we offer are of optimal quality and it is ensured that we do not sacrifice on quality at any cost.


What do we do?

We are not just another conventional eCommerce store launched for profit motives, rather we take pride in offering the kinds of services and products for your dogs that are unparalleled anywhere else. The utmost motive of our launch is to build a platform that is the ultimate place for the most sophisticated gadgets and accessories for the dogs. At CareYourDog, we have an immense range of products, from groomers, gloves, shower tools, dog collars, washer to raincoats, dog bottles and more, we have all of it up for grabs at your own convenience. CareYourDog ensures that the rest of our products are right according to health & safety standards and never pose a threat to the wellness of dogs, humans or the environment as a whole. We do not make unreal promises or fake commitments rather we prove what we claim in the quest of offering what we call “the best”.


Our customer values:

Thee regard and reverence for our customers stand at the top of our priority and hence we endeavor to achieve sheer customer satisfaction through our premium services and constantly affordable prices.

With the very same spirit and passion, we pledge to keep heading ahead and render the superior services as per your ever-changing tastes, and that’s only possible through the feedback and cooperation of customers. 

Additionally, if you have the specific requirements or there is any question or query, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.