Handson Gloves For Deshedding
Handson Gloves For Deshedding
Handson Gloves For Deshedding
Handson Gloves For Deshedding
Handson Gloves For Deshedding

HandsOn™ Gloves for Deshedding

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  • Keeps your pet well groomed the stress-free way
  • With a silicone surface and rubberized nodules to easily pick up hair
  • No mess, no fuss - hair goes straight into the bin


The stress-free grooming glove that you wear, so you can stroke your pet and groom them at the same time. Loose hairs end up in the bin, not on the floor! The specially designed True Touch grooming glove just slides onto your hand. With five separate fingers, it looks and feels like a normal glove, but the silicone surface, with its rubberized nodules, picks up hair and holds it there, eventually leaving you with a palm-full of loose hair that you can simply peel off and throw away. No mess, no fuss and, most importantly of all, no stress to your furry companion. Because it’s a flexible glove and not a rigid, steel-toothed comb, you can contour your hand to reach areas that are often neglected.


Silicone surface

60% silicone / 40% polyester

Hand wash only

Color: Blue

Height: 24.5 cm (9.6")

Width: 20.0 cm (7.9")

Depth: 2.0 cm (0.8")

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