Aquapaw Handheld Dog Shower Tool
Aquapaw Handheld Dog Shower Tool
Aquapaw Handheld Dog Shower Tool
Handheld Dog Shower Tool
Aquapaw Handheld Dog Shower Tool

Aquapaw™ Handheld Dog Shower Tool

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  • EFFICIENT: The Handheld Pet Shower Tool speeds up bath time and allows you to turn the flow of water on and off instantly with one hand so you're never letting water spray when you don't need it. 
  • QUIET: Many sprayers are loud and unsettling for pets. With Handheld Pet Shower Tool, the noise is kept to a minimum, so the only noise you will hear is all that dirt headed toward the drain.
  • ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL: We're product designers, so we know that fit is key.  We tested dozens of prototypes to make sure the Handheld Pet Shower Tool would fit everyone. 


If you’ve washed your dog, you know the pains associated with bath time blunder – water spraying every which way while you try to control a squirming dog and then finding soap spots on Fido once the hose has been shut off. With the wearable shower tool, water is injected into your pet’s coat for a faster rinse than traditional sprayers and it allows you to control your pet during the entire process. It all but eliminates excess spraying water and the intimidation factor for your pet!


Material: Plastic & ABS & Hardware

Color: Blue

Length: 2.5 m (98") 

Weight: 400g

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